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Overview Edit

Dead Frontier 2 takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that is infested with zombies. The game focuses on the outskirts of Fairview, where the game takes place. Players travel around the map using their trusty cars which can be upgraded. Further away from the location where the player starts at, the zombies that are encountered will become much tougher.

When the players click their "Tab" button, it will show them their characters' information, their perks, and their inventory. Players can customize their character with the help of the perks and the things they can get from looting. Players can also communicate with other players via the forums or by chatting in the multiplayer chat.

Much of the game revolves around the cities on the outskirts of Fairview, where players can loot items, receive money from missions, gain experience points by killing zombies, etc.

Sound Edit

Dead Frontier 2 has sound both inside the buildings (including outposts) and on the street. The gameplay and background sounds can be activated or deactivated by through the main menu (by pressing ESC).

There are few sounds that can be heard while inside a building, such as radio static, screaming survivor, thunder, the radio playing a music, clock ticking, gunshots, creaking door everytime a player interacts with it, someone talking over the radio, and many more. Sipping sound will be heard when the player consumes a drink and when the player consumes food items, a munching sound will be heard.

When outside the streets, the rain will blanket the player's background along with the thunder and moaning of the dead. The car's doors will also be heard to open and close everytime a player decides to travel to a certain location. Loud caws will be heard when the players steps in a higher level place, alerting the player to the presence of crows. There are also distinct sounds for each bosses.

Graphics Edit

Players can choose to adjust the quality setting. With a higher quality, the game will become much clearer and more detailed, including the lighting from the lamps and lights inside the buildings, the player's flashlight, the car's headlight, and the burning cars. Although it is recommended to play in low quality, so that the game will have better fps and lag will also be less likely to happen.

Player Details Edit

There are perks that players can choose from. Players will start at level 1, with 1 free perk. With the help of these perks, players can build a character that will suit their playstyle.

Looting Edit

Looting is the main source of medicine, food, drinks, clothes, weapons, ammunitions, and even car parts. It can be executed by pointing the cursor on the object that is highlighted with color yellow, after that, click and hold the "E" button to start the process, which will take a couple of seconds. The speed of looting can be increased with the help of perks. After that, the game will notify the player if something was found or nothing. There are numerous objects that a player can loot from, such as corpses, the interior of buildings, and the objects that are scattered on the street.

Players need to plan out before going to loot so that they can bring every important stuffs they find from looting. The item's quality can be further improved with the help of perks. Zombies can disrupt the process, since they can attack the player while they're looting.

Aggro Edit

Aggro is used to describe the aggression of zombies to a player, or a group of players. Increased aggro would lead to a larger number of zombies, and it also increases the speed at which they move.

It is caused by the usage of loud weapons, such as shotguns, rifles, pistols, and submachine guns. Melee weaponry generates the least aggro.

Aggro is generally undesired when the player wishes to loot, since the presence of zombies leads to increased difficulty in looting. However, when a player wishes to gain as much experience as possible, aggro would be beneficial as there would be more zombies around for the player to kill.

Interaction Edit

All zombies in the Inner City are aggressive, regardless of the level of the player. They also have a rather high amount of hitpoints, with respect to the weapons that players can use. It takes many hits to bring down even the weakest of the zombies, using weapons that are issued to beginners such the Damaged 2x4 or Damaged Ivanov. Fortunately, most zombies currently do not have ranged attacks (with the exception of spitters).

Mobility of players is still one of an important aspects of combat in Dead Frontier 2. It is best to keep a distance away from zombies if ranged weapons are available to the player. If the player has melee weapons, he should not simply charge into a zombie. Instead, hitting a zombie, and retreating some distance while the character pulls back for another swing, and then moving forth to hit zombies again, should be the right way of attacking a zombie with melee.

Dead Frontier 2 still offers Player versus Player (PvP) combat, where players can simply kill each other, but only in certain multiplayer rooms that players can set up.

Community Edit

Most player to player interaction takes place in the forums, where players can read and post in topics. In each outpost, there is a trader available, where players can buy or sell items. Players can also use the PVP to settle some scores or place some bets.

Rules Edit

There are a number of rules in place for player conduct, such as rules against offensive language, scamming, and bug abuse. Players may also report other players who break the rules.

Players are strictly required to follow these rules for fair gameplay, protection of players, and to promote a friendly environment for new survivors. Violating these rules can invite disciplinary action which can range from suspensions to bans or even a permaban.

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