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In Dead Frontier 2, every character is limited to 20 inventory slots by default. Inventory slots can be increased by having items with the Inventory Capacity stat equipped or by adding points into the Mule skill.

Each character has a vehicle with 20 vehicle inventory slots by default. Vehicle inventory slots can be increased by having vehicle parts with the Vehicle Inventory Slots stat fitted or by adding points into the Trucker skill.

Note: Characters start with damaged clothing, weapons and vehicle parts that have negative stats. It is important to replace these parts with common (or better) equipment as soon as possible.

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Equipped items and fitted vehicle parts do not count as inventory space, unequipping items can allow you to exceed your inventory capacity however this is only useful for swapping items.'The account stash is accessible in the 3 outposts throughout the map located in Dallbow, Haverbrook, and Greywood. The account stash is a combined storage that by default has 40 storage slots. The account stash size can be increased by purchasing more slots through a micro-transaction in the characters menu by clicking "Upgrade Slots".

This stash is accessible by every character on an account.

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