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Weapons are used to fight the hordes of zombies that have overwhelmed even the outskirts of Fairview, and probably, the rest of the world. Most survivors use these to rid the streets of any zombies they might encounter, although nothing stops them from using the same weapons against fellow survivors.

Anything that takes up one of your two weapon slots is considered a weapon, ranging from simple 2x4s and Iron Pipes to Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine guns, and even Chainsaws.

Note: With the exception of melee weapons, every weapon in Dead Frontier has had its name changed, due to copyright laws. The real life name of these weapons will be listed in the weapon entry.

Introduction Edit

Dead Frontier 2's weapon selection compared to Dead Frontier 1's is much more based in realism. There are no fictional weapons or giant miniguns. Weapons are more in line with what an average civilian living in the current day would be able to get their hands on.

A character has 2 weapon slots. Unlike in the first game, without a weapon equipped you are defenseless. You cannot rely on your fists. It is recommended to have 1 melee weapon equipped or on hand in your inventory at all times.

Firearms require various types of Ammunition to shoot, while the various Melee Weapons available obviously don't need ammo to function. Most weapons can be found with different qualities, that have certain proficiency skills that can improve and maximize the weapon's efficiency and performance.

Weapons may be found in the in certain places by looting them in various spots in corpses, objects inside the buildings and everything that is lying on the streets. Most weapons can be traded with other survivors via the Trader although for a couple of times, with a maximum of 4. After that, the weapon will become untradable and will become obsolete.

With that being said, characters are not restricted by skills when it comes to equipping a weapon. They can hold any weapon type as long as they meet the level requirement of said weapon. Skills allow you to be more proficient with the different weapon types by improving things like damage, aim speed, swing speed, etc.

TIP - Melee weapons may not have head damage multipliers as of now, but it is observed that aiming for the head with a melee weapon reduces the chances of them being knocked down and not dead. Also, utilizing both the left and right swings can help you hit a zombie's body / head instead of their arms, as this reduces the amount of damage dealt to a zombie per hit. (Zombie heads "pop" if you hit them multiple times, making them instantly dead.)

Weapon Types Edit

All the stats you will find on the following pages are taken from the white/clean variant of weapons and uses the bare minimum level requirement.

Melee Weapons




Chainsaws Edit

Submachine Guns

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