How To Calculate Your Damage Edit

The formula for calculating your damage is; Base Weapon Damage * (Head Shot / Body Damage) * (Damage Vs Infected / Damage Vs Mutated).

If you don't understand that, then a simple way to do it is to click on View All Stats, find your equipped weapon on the stats screen and see what the Damage amount is (not your inventory, also the HS% is automatically calculated for you on the View All Stats screen), then open the calculator on your computer and type in your weapon headshot damage for example, and then find your Infected Damage % and add that % to the calculator.

For example:

Scout: 14.6 Damage dealt to Head + 67% Damage vs Infected = 24.382 which is 24.38 HS dmg to infected. (Calculate it in that order, HS dmg 1st, and then Infected/Mutated dmg last).

This means that in order to get the highest amount of damage, you want to aim to keep your Headshot / Body and Infected / Mutated damage at a 1:1 Ratio, due to how the damage is calculated. If you have 120% Damage vs Infected and 80% Headshot Damage, then you will deal less damage than a player with 100% Damage vs Infected and 100% Headshot Damage.

DF2 Haven Character Builds Edit

We have partnered up with DF2Haven to create a better Character Builds section. This means that you can now create your own builds at;, post comments & questions about each build and also Up-vote the builds that you like!


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In order to post comments and Up-Vote builds, you will need to register with DF2 Haven first. However you can register very quickly by using a Social Network Account.

So to start off, click on Register in the top right corner of DF2Haven:


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Builds from this wiki will be moved to DF2Haven soon :P The new Character Builds section is still in very early stages. Also you can post your character builds to the website even if you don't know how to use the Table/Templates like in the picture above for the Skills layout, and i will fill it in (in edit) for you :P Or contact me on Discord.

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