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Clothing is one of the needs of a human in order to survive since it can be used in many ways such as: for protection against certain elements, for fashion, to be able to carry more stuff, as a status symbol, etc. Here in Dead Frontier 2, besides the said purposes, the Clothes will provide the character with some useful stats that will help your character become more versatile and more stronger.

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Depending on the bonus stats, clothing will become your main source of inventory expansion, damage reduction, movement bonuses, headshot damage, etc. These pieces act similarly to the first game's armor but with much more interesting elements such as random stat rolls. These stats are heavily affected by the Item Quality.

Players can acquire different articles of clothing by either looting them by purchasing them in through the Trader. There are five different types of clothing currently available.

There are several equipment slots for different types of clothing:

Some clothes require a certain level to be dressed. Clothes can be found in any area or building (from level 1 to level 30). Unless the player gets clothes that increase the chances of finding clothes, the chances of getting them looting is very low. Players can sell them, buy them or scrap them.

Since the update of September 11, 2019, the clothes can be dyed in different colors using dyes, which are obtained by filling the experience bar after reaching level 30.

Note: Some clothes bring basic statistics with them being common.

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