Comer and Son IncEdit

Comer and Son Inc is 20 floor tall, always Level 30 spawn, end game raid building. The building has a lot of random loot nodes & dangerous number of Infected yet yield good amount of EXP drops, making this building a perfect source for looting & grinding EXP. It is also the only building in the game to have the most floors compared to the usual buildings which only has a maximum of 4-5 floors.

Comer and Son Inc uses an office interior design based on the old buildings since Pre Open World.

Comer and Son Inc usually spawns randomly around Level 25-30 areas (Lerwillbury, Duntsville & South Moonhurst) of the map. Players can also spot the building on the world map or wandering around by looking for the Red colour text saying 'Comer & Son Inc'.

Comer and Son Inc

What does it contain? Edit

As mentioned above Comer and Sons is an interesting building for the more skilled of Dead Frontier 2 players that functions as this games raid location.

What makes Comer and Sons a raid building are the main differences listed below:

  • Comer and Son Inc has a whopping 20 Floors compared to most buildings having around 4-5 Floors maximum.
  • It also features a higher density of Infected in a room at a time.
  • All Infected are guarantee sprinters, causing players to easily swarm by the Infected if proceed without caution.
  • A total of 7-8 locked doors can be found in the building (Around Floor 1-10), making it the only building with the most locked doors available in the game.
  • A boss room that can be located around Floor 16-18 with 3 boss spawns.
Comers hub

Twenty Floors! Edit

With the building having a massive 20 Floors there is a massive potential for looting and grinding, it's the perfect building for those who want a rather long game session.

Big hordes Edit

As mentioned above, Comer & Son Inc has a higher spawn rate of Infected per room than any other Level 30 buildings & below. All of the Infected in the building are confirmed Runners & occasionally vomits at the players. It best best advise players to be extra caution of their surroundings & Infected behaviors when raiding the building to prevent being overrun by the Infected easily.

Comers room

Three is a bloody crowd! Edit

If anyone has a picture of the 3 Bosses in the boss room, feel free to add the picture here!

Comer and Son Inc is the only building in the entire game that features a Boss Room with 3 Separate Bosses.

Dead Frontier 2 does not hold back when deciding what bosses will be in this room, every Level 30 type of boss can be spawned here with no limit on duplicates meaning you could have a boss room with 2 Blood Tendrils and 1 Irradiated Spitter. It's completely random and is decided upon reset.

Although players will find it tedious & a hassle to deal with the bosses, it is also rewarding once the players defeated the 3 bosses in the room. Like your usual boss hunting experience, you will also get to loot the 3 bosses after the battle for a good Rare - Unique items. It is also said that the 3 bosses in the building has more than 5x higher drop rates for better rarity items.

Take note : Players are advised to bring extra supplies of ammo, medicines & team up in a party to remain alive & more Damage Output during the boss fight.

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