world reset

- World Reset Dead Frontier 2's world resets daily at 9 AM UTC, this means that the missions that were in progress and not turned in yet are wiped. Along with this, building interiors change, boss locations change, loot nodes are refreshed, and NPCs are regenerated at different locations with different missions. Street layouts are the exception, building locations on streets remain the same.

Where do i find my cosmetics

- To find the cosmetics, select "Play Character" and enter the game. Once in the game, you will want to open your inventory by pressing "TAB" or "i" on your keyboard.In your inventory, select "Cosmetics" at the top of the screen, you should find all your awarded Dead Frontier 3D cosmetics listed there.

How do i play with my friends or join other lobbies?

- To ensure your ability to play with friends, you first want to change your multiplayer settings. Go to settings, scroll down to your multiplayer settings, and change it from "MMO Auto-instance" to "lobby". Next you enter the game and find yourself on the lobby select screen. Simply scroll down until you find a friend's lobby, or make your own so your friends can join.

Alternately you can access the lobby selection screen from auto-instance mode by simply hitting "quit to lobby" on the in game pause menu.

How do i claim df1 awards in dead frontier 2

- This will give you all the info you will need to claim your rewards.

How do i use lockpicking skill

- With lockpicking you get a chance to unlock key doors without the key, there are also unmarked doors you can unlock throughout buildings. It lockpicks automatically. If it fails on the first try you cannot attempt it again.

what is the blue dot " * " i sometimes see on doors.

- This blue Dot/asterisk "*" means that another player is in that building or room.

How do i scrap an item

- To scrap an item, talk to the trader at the outpost. Under the selling category, if you click the item, it gives the option to scrap it.

Loot chance bonus stats explained. What is loot chance?

- 70% medical find chance granted by items does not mean you have a full 70% chance now. It works as a multiplier similar to the first game if you're familiar with that one. So say you have a base 10% chance to find medical items, and now you are wearing items that grant a bonus 70%. This is now 10 x 1.7, so you now have a 17% chance.

Where can i find bosses?

- Bosses can be found randomly through out the city accompanied by hoards of zombies. Bosses can also be found randomly in rooms. Most of the bosses will be found behind Rooms with "???" on them.

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