The Wiki Founder is AlexanderPwn, the player whom created the Wikia. However the new wiki owner is Barney.

Wiki Owner: BarneyyEdit


My time on Dead Frontier began when I was nine years old during late 2008 when I first got my hands on a computer and delved into the world of gaming. Dead Frontier was the first game I ever played as a child introducing me to the career path I would choose sooner than I would ever had realized. It wasn't until October, 2009 that I began to get a grasp of how to really play the game and then my first long term account was created. My first real account went by the name of 'wardog500' up until about 2015 where I changed it to 'BarneyHD' for security reasons.

I've always been quiet in the Dead Frontier community, much of what I did was independent, I rarely involved myself with the community and played the game almost entirely on my own, although I did join a few clans in my early days. My first clan would be known as "White Wolves", the first group that accepted me with my young age where I fit in well with many other younger players who just had a sole interest on having fun and playing the game. I played with this clan for several months until many of them decided to go their separate ways and either stopped playing the game or moved onto other clans. From here I joined my next two clans, which were 'G.H.O.S.T' and 'S.A.S' where I met my first longer term friend 'austin4'. G.H.O.S.T was led by a player named darryllawson and was the clan where I really progressed in the game with many great people. S.A.S was a clan in which I also involved myself with that was really close to G.H.O.S.T and I often found myself playing with groups from both clans. S.A.S was a lower level clan at the time and was one of the opportunities where I was able to help newer players with the game. After these clans aged and disbanded some time in 2010 I played Dead Frontier independently ever since. It wasn't until early 2018 where I joined '501' after being invited by a player named 'Shadillac' who I had randomly found looting in the inner city.

As of my return to Dead Frontier in early 2018 I began trying to involve myself more in the community and helping out in areas I could. With the Discord server for Dead Frontier 2 opening I found this to be a great opportunity to start assisting in any way I can. I was selected for Dead Frontier 2 Alpha testing in early July and volunteered to help develop the Dead Frontier 2 wiki in early August. As of now I am an admin for the Dead Frontier 2 wiki and supporter within the Dead Frontier 2 Discord.

Founder: AlexanderPwnEdit

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AlexanderPwn began playing Dead Frontier in the mid to late year of 2008. Throughout his time he's had many names, name changes, and beginnings. His earliest account that he's found is 'Legacy of Pwn', a renamed account which holds one of the lowest active IDs seen (3,186). His most successful account being under the name 'Alexander Pwn' which is a maxed account and had achieved all of its goals prior to Alexander's retirement (Including winning Top Survivor, Top Player Killer three times, hitting max level, ten billion exp, obtaining every item in the game (besides custom items), being in the best clan(s) Phoenix Rising, Chaos, and Sanguine Ember respectively). Throughout a very active eleven years playing Dead Frontier 1 Alexander met many people, formed many groups, and even developed skills which would lead him into a successful real life career in graphic design. Though he has retired from Dead Frontier 1 he has many fond memories and will cherish it for what it gave to him. All of these years spent on the game taught him a lot both as a player and person. Occassionally he'll load up 2D and play, but aside from that, you won't find him in the Inner City any longer. 

September 5th, 2018 the release of Dead Frontier 2, Alexander was pumped and created his first character. He would play and enjoy for about a month, unfortunately having to take a long break due to many real life issues. Having returned in the year 2020 he has many unfinished tasks to complete both in the game and on the Wiki. You can find a detailed "to-do" list below.

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