Overview Edit

When players die in Dead Frontier 2, the penalties that come with it are somewhat similar to those in the original Dead Frontier. The first major penalty for dying in Dead Frontier 2 is the loss of 50% of the experience gained since the player last visited an outpost, this includes experience gained from killing infected, looting, or mission experience that has not been banked at an outpost. Experience is crucial in the process of leveling up and death can become a large setback. Once acknowledging by pressing 'OK' on the death screen, players will immediately be sent back to the outpost they last visited and restored to 25 health points. If the survivors' energy is below 500, they will also be restored back to 500 energy. The same applies to hydration as well.

If a player is to die in a zone in which an outpost does not reside in, the player will not be refunded any fuel spent traveling.

If a player is to level up then die without returning to an outpost, the player will lose 50% of the EXP gained since the level up.

Although you may complete a mission, the experience rewarded is not safe and could be lost on death if the player does not visit an outpost, the exception to this is completing missions for NPC's within an outpost.

Dying is something everyone should want to avoid, especially if one has accumulated a considerable amount of experience points, it is recommended to visit an outpost every so often to avoid loss of large sums of Exp.

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