Vehicle Edit

Vehicle Car
Your vehicle is an optional way to fast travel to the different Outposts in Dead Frontier 2 and require Fuel to travel. Outposts further away will require more Fuel to go to, as well as having higher requirements for Water and Food for your character to travel. Traveling happens instantly, there is no waiting or timers. You can also use your vehicle to store items as a stash separate to your Player Stash, which can also be increased by getting increased Vehicle Inventory Slots % from better vehicle parts.

The maximum Vehicle Inventory Slots % are 185% (57 slots), while 235% (67 slots) with Trucker V skill.

Parts Edit

On a new character, your vehicle will start with Damaged parts, these damaged parts have -25% to various vehicle stats and should be replaced with Common or better parts asap.

You can upgrade your vehicle with different parts. These affect things such as how much Fuel your vehicle can store, how many items you can store inside the vehicle's storage, and how efficient the vehicle is on fuel, water and food consumption per travel.

  • Cylinder Heads
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel Injector
  • Roof Box (Base +10% Vehicle Inventory Slots)
  • Tires

You can find out more about the Vehicle Parts here: Items - Vehicle Parts (Currently adding the page, check back in an hour or 2)

Fuel Edit

Fuel is used to travel with your vehicle to different outposts, however, it is also used for Chainsaws which has increased the cost of fuel overall. The amount of fuel required to travel will depend on the distance between the outposts, and the requirements will be shown when you hover your cursor over the destination name.

In order to refuel your vehicle, you must interact with your vehicle, click on Manage, and then finally click on the fuel inside of your inventory and then the "Refuel" option will appear.


Market Edit

Vehicle Parts can be bought and sold on the Market via the Trader, and has its own search category "Vehicle Parts".

Vehicle Parts have a hidden stat level, although they have no level requirements, vehicle parts still have a level which affects their stat rolls. So you would low level vehicle parts in a level 5 area (low stat rolls), and high level parts in a level 30 area. This means that it is best to search for level 30+ Vehicle Parts in the search field, if you want to find the best parts.

Vehicle Market
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