Items can be found at various item quality levels. Currently, these quality levels only apply to weapons and articles of clothing. These different levels of quality may negatively or positively affect your items through random stat rolls similarly to systems in ARPG games.

There are a few things that can increase your odds of finding higher quality items. Firstly, the Looter skill. Secondly, the item stat rolls themselves can provide increased loot chances for the different rarities with the exception of the Damaged and Common item qualities.

Item RarityEdit

There are 6 Rarity types in Dead Frontier 2, from worst to best they are:

  • Damaged
    • Will usually have 1-2 stat rolls with a negative numeric value. Cannot be enhanced.
  • Common
    • Has no stat rolls, just the base weapon or clothing. Typically only used for using Rare Enhancers on.
  • Superior
    • Has 1-2 stat rolls. Usually used for using Rare Enhancers on.
  • Rare
    • Has 3-4 stat rolls.
  • Elite
    • Has 5-6 stat rolls.
  • Unique
    • Has 4-5 stats that are not randomly chosen (Can also have stats that usually aren't possible to obtain on specific items, such as Exp Gain on a Body Clothing), and Unique weapons and clothing will have a unique name such as "Nastya's Wrath" instead of Lanchester. View all found Unique items here(Page will be added tomorrow)

Loot Rarity System Edit

There are 4 different types of loot spots that will affect the rarity of your loot:

  • Normal Loot Spots - These are just the normal loot spots that you see everywhere apart from locked rooms and slain foes. You can loot any rarity from these.
  • Locked Rooms - These loot spots will either have 1 or 2 loot-able spots, 1 containing a key and another containing a weapon or clothing with an increased rarity chance.
  • Mutated Bosses - Looting a dead boss will always give you a Rare or better quality item.

The loot rarity system rolls for Unique rarity first, then Elite, Rare and so on. This means that having Find Rare Chance won't negatively affect your chances of rolling for a Unique item.

Information on Rare and Elite enhancers can be found here

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