How to use the Minimap + tricks and tips!

Minimap Edit

On August 9, 2019 a map was added that is completed as you explore the game buildings, which is very useful to not get lost in them, and various other things that are very useful once you know how to use the Minimap effectively.

Pressing 'M' whilst inside a Building will open the Minimap, at the top of the screen it will also show the name of the current building and which floor you are on, you can use the 2 arrows to switch between which Floor you want to view.

Minimap with keypoints

  • The room where you are is highlighted in blue.
  • If a room contains an NPC, it will appear in green.
  • The yellow lines are the doors (it is not clear if they are single or double).
  • The red lines are the locked doors. After opening them, these doors appear with a red and yellow line.
  • The exit door of the building appears as several Red Lines to represent a staircase to another floor.
  • The next floor that leads away from the exit/start of the building, appears as several green lines to represent a staircase to another floor.
  • The arrow that tells your position, points to where the camera looks, and not where your character looks.

There are some very useful ways to use the Minimap which you may not be aware of:

Accepted a mission from a random NPC whilst looting a random building or doing another mission, but can't remember where this NPC was? You can use the map to find the NPC Mission Giver by flicking through the floors until you find a room that is highlighted Green, that means that there's an NPC there, which is most likely your mission giver! (Read the Mission Info to see which building the mission giver is located at).

Finally found a Key to a locked door? Use the map to find where the locked door is (although u can't see the name of the locked door).

Thought that you have checked every single room in the entire building but you haven't found the Mission Item yet? Use the map to flick through all floors to find rooms that you haven't entered yet (Yellow line with nothing on the other side).

You can also use the minimap to remember the name of the building that you are inside of, if you need to tell a friend where you are and which floor you are on.

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