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The Basics Edit


PvP zone in the center of the map, highlighted in red.

PvP Combat can occur in two different ways:

  • In a lobby with PvP enabled on the room: Players that have just recently left a safe zone/outpost are marked with a blue flame on their character. This is a spawn shield, the player cannot take damage but may deal damage to other players without said spawn shield.
  • In the PvP zone, the central zone of the open world in a 11x7 cell area. Functionally the zone operates identically to the rest of the map, meaning infected will be present, but while on the streets all players can engage in PvP combat. PvP combat is disabled upon entering any building in the area.

When a player dies due to PvP combat inside of a PvP Lobby, they spawn at the last safe zone/outpost they visited. Their health is NOT replenished. If you die inside of the PvP zone then your health will NOT be replenished.

PvP Combat relies on getting better positioning before your opponent to line up your shot. It is recommended that your PvP build contains the Marksman perk to help quickly get shots off.

If you are a melee user, you will want to try to close the gap and dodge shots fired while doing so. For this, the Sprinter skill is recommended. This will allow you to quickly close in and be able to zig zag which makes it incredibly hard for people aiming at you to land a shot. (Unless they use an SMG with increased Attack Speed and instantly kill you)

PvP Ranks Edit


Full Stats page.

To encourage players to participate in PvP, AdminPwn made a small update (along with the city mentioned above), the PvP Ranking:

  • All players start in 10th rank, and the maximum rank is 1.
  • To level up, you must kill a certain amount of players, no matter what rank they have, if you kill a high ranking player you will receive more points.
  • You will not lose score or rank if you get killed.
  • The PvP kills grant a small amount of EXP.
  • If you reach rank 1, you will earn a permanent bonus for your character, called "PvP Champion" (+5% damage to mutated, infected and humans).
  • Your current Rank doesn't affect how many points you get, so whenever you kill a rank 5 player you will always get 6 points.
  • You don't need to kill different players, If you kill the same player you will always get the points.
  • Unlike the xp bar, the extra points you get won't add to the next rank.

PvP Champion Buff


You are at rank 10 with 20 points, you need only 5 point to be rank 9. You kill a rank 1 player that gives you 10 points, you will then be rank 9 with 0 points. That extra 5 points won't be added to your next rank.

Rank and Points System Edit

Points required for each Rank:

  • Rank 10 > 9 = 25
  • Rank 9 > 8 = 50
  • Rank 8 > 7 = 75
  • Rank 7 > 6 = 100
  • Rank 6 > 5 = 125
  • Rank 5 > 4 = 150
  • Rank 4 > 3 = 175
  • Rank 3 > 2 = 200
  • Rank 2 > 1 = 225

Points awarded for killing a Player:

  • Rank 10 Player = 1 point
  • Rank 9 Player = 2 points
  • Rank 8 Player = 3 points
  • Rank 7 Player = 4 points
  • Rank 6 Player = 5 points
  • Rank 5 Player = 6 points
  • Rank 4 Player = 7 points
  • Rank 3 Player = 8 points
  • Rank 2 Player = 9 points
  • Rank 1 Player = 10 points
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