This page contains information about the creation of Relics, and some information that you may need about them.

Relics? Edit

**Relics are no longer trade-able and cannot be enhanced, as they would be game breaking at lvl 50 content. Meaning that the max lvl for a relic will always be lvl 30.

Relics are discontinued items that can not be looted in the game any longer.**

Relic Stats Rare

A Rare Relic Weapon

A couple of months after the release of Dead Frontier 2, there was an update which made it impossible to loot Weapons with certain Global Stats, therefor meaning that any of these weapons that were previously looted before the update, were now Relics that can't be obtained any more.

The Relic Stats on weapons are; Headshot Damage, Attack Speed, Body Damage, Stun Duration, Knockback Distance, Surprise Damage, Minimum Accuracy, Maximum Accuracy, Range, Aim Speed, Reloading Speed, Ammo Capacity, and Noise Radius. Not sure if a stat is a relic still? If it says "Weapon Headshot" instead of "Headshot", then it isn't a global stat and therefor isn't a relic. You can still obtain Damage vs Infected and Damage vs Mutated so those stats aren't relics.

Why are Relics an important factor of the game currently, whilst in the past the relics were largely ignored? This is because of the Rare and Elite Enhancer updates, allowing players to enhance the old and useless relics into extremely strong items with a bit of lucky RNG from the Enhancer. For example the best damage stats that could find on a weapon these days would be something like Weapon Headshot Damage + Damage vs Infected for the most damage vs infected, however you can now use a very strong relic as a "stat stick" to boost the damage of your main weapon. It can get as crazy as having Global Body Damage, Damage vs Infected and Global Attack Speed on 1 Relic for melee builds. This also means that certain relics are worth a ton of money on the market.
Relic Stats

An Elite Enhanced Relic with good stats.

If a Common, Superior or Rare Relic has No Trades Remaining, then you can either Rare Enhance or Elite Enhance the item to regain all Trades Remaining, the maximum amount of trades for Rares is 3, so it will have 3 remaining trade if you use a Rare Enhancer. And Elite items only have 2 Trades, so an Elite Enhanced item will have 2 Trades Remaining.

It is also recommended to save any relics that you think have good stats, for when you are level 50 in future content, as relics, like current equipment now, can only be enhanced once, or twice, depending on their rarity (I.E. a Superior Relic can be enhanced once, with a rare enhancer, and once again with a elite enhancer after the rare enhancer has been applied, for a total of two times).

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