Buying credits in-game is a great way to support the development team! This is the main form of monetization and financial support for the game. Dead Frontier 2 is proud of its stance on ethical free-to-play, please consider supporting this movement and making this game one of the prime examples of how this model can be successful alongside other great titles like Path of Exile or Warframe.

Screenshot 101

You can use credits on Dead Frontier 2 to purchase cosmetics and some utilities as there is no pay-to-win. Alongside of cosmetics, you can also purchase character stat resets indefinitely and a upgrade slot bundle that expands your storage size, trading list caps, and 3 character slots. This can now be done an unknown amount of times, with 3,060 slots presumably as the current record. Go ham.

The cosmetics, of course in our humble opinion, look amazing and it really adds creativity and character to the game. Cosmetics will also help you stand out from the crowd of boring baseball hats and t-shirts.

Screenshot 102
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