Stats represent your skills and abilities. There are currently 27 skills in the game.


Once the player finished the character creation part, the game will start. The player will receive 1 point at the beginning, where they can spend it on the said skills. The player can maximize their level up to level 30, but that's not the end. Once the player achieves the 30th level, they can continue to earn Prestige Points, Rare Enhancers, Elite Enhancers and Dyes. This is done by continuing to earn experience points, every 100,000 exp the player received a Rare Enhancer and a random Dye, and every 1,500,000 exp they will receive an Elite Enhancer and a Prestige Point, up to a maximum of 5 Prestige Points.

Experience Per Level Edit

The following statistics has been cataloged to represent the amount of experience required per level before the player can move onto the next;

  • [0] => 0
  • [1] => 250
  • [2] => 500
  • [3] => 1000
  • [4] => 2000
  • [5] => 3000
  • [6] => 4000
  • [7] => 6000
  • [8] => 8000
  • [9] => 10000
  • [10] => 12000
  • [11] => 14000
  • [12] => 16000
  • [13] => 18000
  • [14] => 20000
  • [15] => 22000
  • [16] => 24000
  • [17] => 26000
  • [18] => 28000
  • [19] => 30000
  • [20] => 36000
  • [21] => 42000
  • [22] => 48000
  • [23] => 54000
  • [24] => 60000
  • [25] => 66000
  • [26] => 72000
  • [27] => 78000
  • [28] => 84000
  • [29] => 90000
  • [30] => 100000

Things to be reminded of: Edit

  • Players have the freedom to choose whatever perks and skill they wanted. But, a thing to remember is to maximize those important perks as they will play a crucial role not only in the beginning but in the end game as well. Players will notice what perks and skills will they want once they begin traversing to different locations, fighting the zombies, and completing missions.
  • Players gain 1 point at every level up and they can choose to leave the point as it is as the players are not forced to distribute the point first before they are able to receive more experience points.
  • Your health will go down to a critical level, precisely at 25 health points every time you die. Your stats will also degrade while in critical status, so it is recommended to medicate your character as much as possible to remove the debuffs.
  • The number of inventory slots can be increased with the help of perks or with items that have an additional inventory space. The items that can give such bonus will depend on its quality.

How To Calculate Your Damage Edit

The formula for calculating your damage is; Base Weapon Damage * (Head Shot / Body Damage) * (Damage Vs Infected / Damage Vs Mutated).

If you don't understand that, then a simple way to do it is to click on View All Stats, find your equipped weapon on the stats screen and see what the Damage amount is (not your inventory, also the HS% is automatically calculated for you on the View All Stats screen), then open the calculator on your computer and type in your weapon headshot damage for example, and then find your Infected Damage % and add that % to the calculator.

For example:

Scout: 14.6 Damage dealt to Head + 67% Damage vs Infected = 24.382 which is 24.38 HS dmg to infected. (Calculate it in that order, HS dmg 1st, and then Infected/Mutated dmg last).

This means that in order to get the highest amount of damage, you want to aim to keep your Headshot / Body and Infected / Mutated damage at a 1:1 Ratio, due to how the damage is calculated. If you have 120% Damage vs Infected and 80% Headshot Damage, then you will deal less damage than a player with 100% Damage vs Infected and 100% Headshot Damage.

Rare, Elite Enhancers and Dyes Edit

Enhancers have been added to the game, which are a one time use item that will enhance an item to either become a Rare or Elite item which will keep it's current stats and will have either 3 or 4 stat rolls for Rare, and 5 or 6 rolls for Elite. The numeric value of all stats will also be randomized again.

Enhancers have added value to certain Superior items and high level common weapons, as you can now turn them into potentially very good items. For example, a level 10 Superior Hat with 5% Damage vs Mutated and 3% Headshot damage could be Rare Enhanced into a level 30 item with 35% Damage vs Mutated and 35% Headshot Damage with 1-2 extra random stat rolls such as 15-35% Reloading Speed.

Rare Enhancers can be obtained by gaining 100,000 Experience points after reaching level 30 (Max Level), this was implemented to make looting and killing more enjoyable at max level. So that no exp is wasted :P

The Rare Enhancer will turn a Common or Superior Weapon or Clothing into a Rare item. It will keep it's current stats and re-roll the numbers, and end up with 3 or 4 total stats randomly (not including base stats such as -3% Incoming Damage on Combat Boots). If you use it at level 30, then it will usually roll the level of the item between 20 and 30, often similar to the level of boss loot in level 30 areas.

Elite Enhancers can be obtained by gaining 1,500,000 experience points after reaching level 30, you will also gain a prestige point. This exp counter can be viewed by opening up your inventory screen, and clicking on View All stats.

The Elite Enhancer will turn a Common, Superior or Rare Weapon or Clothing into an Elite item. It will keep it's current stats and re-roll the numbers, and will end up with either 5 or 6 total stats (Not including base stats such as -3% incoming damage on Combat Boots)

Dyes were also added to the game with Rare Enhancers, after reaching 100,000 experience points whilst level 30 (max level) you will be awarded with 1x Rare Enhancer and 1x Random Dye. Dyes are used on clothing to change their color to the color of the dye, it is a one time use per piece of clothing, and cannot be used on special cosmetics. They can be farmed endlessly as long you keep on farming 100,000 experience points. Also certain dyes can't be used on certain clothing items such as the Doctor's gloves.

The obtainable Dyes from reaching 100,000 experience points are: Red Dye, White Dye, Yellow Dye, Grey Dye, Green Dye, Brown Dye, Blue Dye and Black Dye.

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