In this page, you can pick up some useful tricks that will help you grow, especially if you're new to the game.

If you want some basic background about Dead Frontier 2's combat tactics, kindly visit this page.

Lifesaving Skills Edit

Dead Frontier 2 introduced a new way to build up your character. With the help of perks, you can create a character that will fit according to your play style. Some perks can help you venture into the city with relative safety and efficiency. I will break down some of the active skills that will help you not just in the early game, but also in the late game. As these skills can become a real lifesaver. The following will be the skills I'm referring to:

  • Kickboxing
  • Sprinter
  • Stealth
  • Quick Reflexes

Kickboxing Edit

Enables you to kick a zombie that will create a breathing space for you. The default key for this skill is the left "Alt" key, and you can use this while a melee weapon is currently equipped. But when you're equipped with a gun, "Left-mouse" button will be the default key as long as you're not holding the "Right-mouse" button.

This is a skill useful for separating and stunning zombies. The kick can stun and damage up to 3 zombies. This skill is also useful if you found yourself stuck in a corner. 

Note: The kick is absolutely lovely for taking out worms.

Sprinter Edit

Enables you to run. The default key for this skill is the "Shift" key.

This can be used in a lot of ways. If you found yourself stuck in a corner and your kickboxing skill is still in cooldown, you can use this skill to wave your way through and change position. Another use is if you're in a rush, simply use this skill to give yourself a temporary speed boost.

Stealth Edit

Enables you to crouch, decreasing the likelihood of a zombie spotting you. The default key for this skill is the left "Control" key.

This skill can be used to give your melee weapon a massive damage boost and stun duration. Simply walk behind a zombie while crouching, then give them a good whack. If you're lucky, you can clear a whole room with this skill. A thing to remember is that sometimes this skill is unable to one-shot a zombie, to be safe, after you hit a zombie and it falls to the ground, give the zombie on the floor another whack. Better be safe than sorry. Another one is after you kill a zombie with a melee weapon, make sure to get away from the corpse immediately since sometimes the corpse spawns one or more worms that if left unnoticed, will deliver a considerable amount of damage.

Quick Reflexes Edit

Enables you to dodge an attack from a zombie. This skill allows the player to strafe from left to right or even backward to avoid incoming attacks. The default key for this skill is the "Space" bar.

This skill is useful if you're using a melee weapon. There will be chances that a mistake will happen, and by mistake, I mean you missing a hit on the zombie. And, a missed hit have painful consequences. To recover from that mistake, after you missed a hit to the zombie, simply use this skill to cope with it and give yourself and the zombie a distance. Also, you can use this skill if you're fighting two or more zombies with a melee weapon. After you deliver a blow to the zombie, simply hit the space bar in order to avoid a damage from the other zombie/s.

Ammo Consumption Edit

Using guns in combat will be the most effective and the safest way on dealing with zombies. Less dangerous than going toe-to-toe with the horde. But if you use these guns to waste every zombie that gets in your way, you're gonna be in deep trouble. You see, guns are useless without ammo. That's why conserving them and using them only when it is really needed will be your priority. When you encounter only one or two zombie/s, it is a good idea to just go melee with them. In this way, you can save a bunch of valuable ammunition.

These situations will be the times that you will really need to use your gun/s:

  • "You got stuck in a small room with a couple of zombies, and since the space to move is limited, it is recommended to use your gun to pick some of them (remember to aim for the head, this will save a lot of ammo). Then, you can safely dispatch the rest with your melee weapon."
  • "When you're fighting a Super Mutant Zombies (Bosses), using your gun in this situation will be the best choice since these bosses have resistance in knockback, making melee weapons a poor choice in this fight. You can pick the normal zombies first so that you can focus to the boss later."

Missions Edit

Missions are the tasks that will be given by the NPCs you will encounter. Upon finishing the tasks these NPCs have given to you, they will reward you with experience points and cash (the amounts will vary based on the difficulty on the kind of mission as well the level of the place where your mission is located at). If you're unable to find these NPCs, you can find them at:

  • Outposts - They are located in different rooms and corridors inside the outposts.
  • Random buildings - There will be times that you will encounter the NPCs inside random rooms inside the buildings.

Doing missions will be the best source of income as well as leveling up. Take note tho, missions reset every 24 hours.

Tricky Ones Edit

Sleepers Edit

This will be the term used to describe those zombies that are disguising themselves as dead ones. Usually, they're the ones lying stomach down. You can see if the zombie on the floor is dead already or just another sleeper by its mouth. Observe the mouth, if it is a sleeper, its mouth will open and close in intervals. Stealth will be definitely useful in dispatching the sleepers. If you're unable to go and check the mouth, just hit every zombie you see that's lying stomach down. Better to be safe than sorry.

Observe every zombie that's lying stomach down on the ground. Be careful, it might be a sleeper.

If you are fighting a zombie and shoot or smack any body part except the head and the zombie falls down to a sleeper position, it is best to shoot or smack the zombie again. It is likely a fake death and it will get back up or crawl towards you if you don't finish it off. That also includes bosses.

Spitters Edit

This is the zombies that gained to ability to spit their gastric juices to the unwary survivors. The hardest part is that you won't be able to distinguish that a zombie is a spitter until they puke directly into your face. Once they showered you with their lovely juices, there will be a chance that you're gonna get the status "Bacterial Infection", which will give you the following debuffs:

  • -5% Movement Speed
  • -5% Aim Speed
  • -5% Attack Speed
  • -1% Health Per Minute

You will need an "Antibiotics" to cure this status. Yes, 1% isn't that much, but if left untreated, it will become a serious problem. Cure the status as much as possible. And always keep an Antibiotics in your inventory.

Usually, these bastards are rarely to be encountered at lower levels. But, there is a chance that you will encounter one. That's why, if you're still new to the game, take extra caution when battling this kind of zombie/s, and adapt some of the tips below.

Timing is everything when combating the spitters. There's a couple of ways to avoid being damaged by their puke.

  • Once they're about to puke, if you have the ability "Quick Reflexes", you can use this to avoid the spitter's attack.
  • If you don't have the ability, you can attack the spitter just about it's starting to attack, this will cancel their spitting animation and thus, avoiding the damage.
  • Engaging them with guns will be the best choice to make, since you can outrange their spitting attack.
  • "If Zombies move a little drunk or look like they're "feeling heavy" they're most likely have the ability to spit. (Not 100% sure)" -Famidesu

Runners Edit

This is the zombies that gained the ability to sprint to the survivors once they saw them. These bastards are actually scary when you don't expect them to sprint at you. The more sinister part is this ability, along with the spitting attack, and the other statuses that a zombie can harness such as bleeding, radiation, bacterial infection, and burning, this zombies can become a force to reckon with.

Extra caution is needed when fighting this fellas, especially when you're planning to tackle them with melee weapons. Of course, using guns to take them down will be the best solution, as this is the fastest and safest way. But if you're saving some ammo for a boss fight, just use a melee weapon. It is feasible to take them down with a few swings and bash. Just make sure you can time your attack carefully to avoid being damaged by the them.

Staying Fit Edit

Keeping your Energy and Hydration in good levels is a must. When the level of your Energy or Hydration drops below 1,000, a symbol of "fork and knife" and "glass of water" will appear at the left side of your screen, indicating that you will starve and get dehydrated soon. If your Energy and Hydration levels drops to zero, you will get the "Starving" and "Dehydration" debuffs.

Starving Edit

This is indicated by the symbol of "fork and knife" at the left side of your screen. It gives you:

  • -5% movement speed
  • -5% attack speed
  • -10% aim speed
  • -1% health per minute

Dehydration Edit

This is indicated by the symbol of "glass of water" at the left side of your screen. It gives you:

  • -5% body damage
  • -10% minimum accuracy
  • -10% maximum accuracy
  • -1% health per minute

Some foods can restore a huge amount hunger and thirst. Few of these will definitely save you from the trouble.

  • Chocolate Spread (1500 kcal)
  • Peanut Butter (2000 kcal)
  • Orange Juice (450 kcal and 1000 ml)

Some foods can boost your stats a bit.

  • Coffee Granules (Stimulated: +5% Movement Speed, +5% Aim Speed & +5% Attack Speed for 10 minutes)
  • Energy Drink (Stimulated: +5% Movement Speed, +5% Aim Speed & +5% Attack Speed for 10 minutes)
  • Iced Coffee (Stimulated: +5% Movement Speed, +5% Aim Speed & +5% Attack Speed for 10 minutes)

With that said, always keep a spare food and drinks in your inventory.

Note: The "Survivor" perk ensures that food and drinks restore more energy and hydration, and that these are consumed more slowly.

Something's Not Right Edit

One of the types of missions available in Dead Frontier 2 is the "Exterminate", where players are required to kill a certain amount of zombies in either the street or inside the buildings. And I'm telling you, this is the most fun one! (Personal preference XD) But there is once a mission where an Extermination mission has been held in a small building. And to be honest, the zombies inside the building doesn't add up to the number required. Well, enough of me XD

What you need to do in this kind of situation is just stay still inside the building. The best possible choice is a room with multiple doors, maybe two or more. Then wait there. You can shoot your gun if you want to so that you can raise the aggro. After a certain period of time, zombies will spawn from the doors. And there you go, the small solution to a small problem!

Co-op Edit

If you want to play with your friends only, you can do that by creating a "Lobby". To do this, simply do the following steps:

  1. You must go in-game first.
  2. Press the "Escape" button.
  3. Then go to "Quit to Lobby".
  4. Here you can choose to join other players' lobby or create your own. Or, you can play Solo if you preferred it.
  5. After you already created a lobby, now you can invite your friends to come.
  6. You have the choice to create a password to ensure that only you and your friends can play inside the lobby.

Playing co-op with your friends will definitely boost you and your friends' survivability since someone is always watching someone's back. Also, with the help of friends, clearing a building and searching for the boss room will become much faster. When it comes to a boss fight, it will become much faster and safer than going alone.

Silent Hill?! Edit

This part is just for fun. If you go to "View distance" in your "Settings" and changed its value to "Near", your surroundings will be covered in thick fog, just like in Silent Hill. You will see this effect once you're on the street. From Dead Frontier to Silent Hill real quick! Also, you will also gain benefit from the extra fps that you can get from doing the said suggestion.

Looting Is Good For You Edit

You won't be able to notice it, but every time you loot something, it gives you a small parcel of experience points. 5 experience points to be precise. So every time you come up with a lootable item, loot it, even you don't need the item, just loot it, if you don't need the item, just leave it be. The important thing is you looted it. That 5 exp is also better than nothing, right? After all, the more levels we get, the stronger we can be.

Away From Keyboard Edit

Back in Dead Frontier 1, players can AFK even while venturing in the Inner City through the menu. Simply click the "Esc" button, wait for 10 seconds, then the player/s will be able to AFK.

But, there is also a way to AFK here in Dead Frontier 2. How? What? The "Esc" button's not working? It's simple. Just stand in front of the door, and the zombies will be unable to get through as long as you stand there. Just make sure that the room you're gonna stay in is zombie free and only have one door.

This method is also useful if you want to feed or heal your character since you have all the time you need to do the said tasks. You can also change your weapons if you need to.

The logic behind on why the zombie/s are unable to get inside the room is that your character is holding the door. Preventing any zombie from getting through. And once you get away from the door, the zombie/s will start to spawn again.

But don't do it for too long. A Stalker might come in and push you off the door and kill you! You've been warned.

Level Boosting Edit

There are many ways to level boost right now. All of them need +% experience gear and buffs:

  • Weapons, head and hands clothing can give at most +18% experience gain each (72% total maximum from lvl 30 items).
  • Dead Man's Collar body, Dead Man's Thigh legs, and Dead Man's Sole feet unique clothing items give +10% experience gain each (30% total).
  • Outpost attack gives a 20% experience gain buff for 2 hours on participation or 40% experience gain for 2 hours on 100 kills. You can do this with as many chars as you want, as long do the 100 kills you can get the 40% experience gained buff.
  • Fast Learner V gives 25% exp gained (not recommended unless you buy credits/are Gold Member and want to reset skills later).
  • Halloween/Christmas Candy (from 2018 events) give 30% exp gained for 1 hour buff. Very expensive at the moment and not recommended.
  • Gold Member gets a 50% experience gain buff.

Ways to boost the main char:

  • If your char can reliably kill bosses, you can look at the map for any houses/restaurants and kill the bosses. You probably won't be able to use many exp gain equips/buffs here, unless doing lower leveled ones. You might get lucky and have another boss spawn between you and the next house/restaurant for even more exp.
  • Finish all missions, get get the exp buffs/gear as above, then turn them at any outpost.
  • Do challenges with the exp buffs/gear as above. Higher level zoned challenges might not be possible with exp gear, so you might have to equip some of the higher attack gear to compensate.

On a new alt:

  • Do missions on your main character, but instead of turning the missions in, you place all the mission items in the stash. Then with your alt, get the exp gear/buffs as above, then turn the missions in with your alt. Then your alt will get a lot of exp/cash all at once.
  • Ask a friend to player level you with challenges on a private session. Just get the exp buffs/gear as above, and go to the challange zones with him. Remember to at least have some sprint/jog stats in your equips/skills, otherwise you might not be able to escape the zombies attacks and die quickly!
  • Each book read will give 500 exp, if hardcore stockpiling them, you can gain a lot of exp at once, but not recommended, because it becomes overwhelming to click over and over again for hundreds of times quickly, and your char/alt might already be good enough to do high level bosses quickly. But If still planning to harcore stockpile them, Gold Membership is recommended, and buying some stash space is needed for this. Collect books from your playing with your main char, or have a looter specialized in book find chance. Stockpile your stash with them. Then once you think you have enough there, go into your alt, place your equips/items in the stash/car (if no space, sell to market for $9999999 to make sure they don't get sold), get the exp gear/buffs as above, load all the books, read them one by one, and then scrap them then repeat. With base exp, it takes 1950 books for an alt from lvl 1 to lvl 30, and 3000 books per prestige/Elite Enhancer. WIth the maximum 300% experience gain, you'll get 2000 exp per book. That makes 488 books for a lvl 30 (hard to do without a 150% exp gain special event), and 750 books for 1 Elite Enhancer (possible on special events with 100% exp gain - Gold Membership essentially removes the need to get 1 other buff to achieve this, if having all the equips).

For more tips, tactics and tutorials visit the Zerolife and Zumb channels on YouTube, some of the things on this list came out of their channels, visit them!

Zerolife´s Channel:

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