These are some tactics that have been used by your fellow survivors. Some of these will be really helpful in certain scenario and will save yourself from getting harmed.

Street Bosses Edit

A good strategy for fighting street bosses is to use your extra space to your advantage, try to get some extra distance before shooting, and finally after or before the boss is dead, focus on destroying the leg limbs of the infected. This will make it so that the infected stop re-spawning infinitely and won't be an issue whilst you loot the boss.

Melee Tips Edit


You may notice that your character is automatically sent forward as you use a melee attack. A better way to put this is that you are sent in the direction you are looking after doing a melee attack. Basically the trick here is after you swing and it connects to the zombie, either spin in a complete 180 to safety or which ever direction you desire and the last few automatic movements of the attack will send you in that direction. This is also useful when you misjudge the distance and the attack falls short. Usually, you'd be stuck in the animation and end up getting hit.

To avoid this, quickly do the 180 spin and you'll put enough room between you and the zombie. It's a very easy trick to learn but just practice and experiment with it.

Using Left Click and Right Click with melee will use 2 different attack animations. The main difference between the 2 attacks is how far forward you will move whilst attacking, left clicking will make you move less further forward whilst attacking, which is good against Flaming or Bacterial Infected to avoid moving too close into their damage Aura damage range whilst swinging with melee. With fast attack speed, right clicking can be good for moving around fast whilst fighting (literally just hold right click with good attack speed) to dodge between/away from enemies whilst you hit groups of infected.

Also using melee attacks to move your character around will make no noise at all, and your attacks will count as Surprise Damage if you haven't alerted the target Infected.

Very annoyingly, melee attacks will often do 0 damage and knockdown the Infected enemy for a brief duration. This may be good at lower levels, but at higher levels it can be frustrating when you expect most infected to die from your 1-2 hit build.

Break A Leg! Edit

In Dead Frontier 2 you can decapitate limbs, such as the Head, Arms and Legs. Once a body part has received enough damage they will be destroyed/decapitated. If an enemy including Mutated bosses have no arms, then they will try to bite you, and if they have no legs, then they will crawl very slowly making the fight much easier.

During Outpost Attacks it's a very safe strategy to shoot the legs of the infected to incapacitate the infected, so that it takes longer for them to reach the door (also prevents more from spawning in and overwhelming you with their speed).

Use Your Head Edit

Head shots, a guaranteed way to kill a zombie without having to worry about it getting up or crawling after you. Going for head shots is also the best way to save and conserve your ammunition since head shots do a massive amount of damage rather than the body shots. Be careful though, there will be a chance that the zombie's arms will block the bullet that's intended for the head shot, making the one-shot zombie a two-shot zombie. So, a good timing will be useful in this scenario.

This tactic can become more powerful with the help of some perks like the "Head Hunter" along with your gun's expertise: "Pistol Expert", "Rifle Expert", "Shotgun Expert", or "SMG Expert". The damage output can be further increased if you manage to get a piece of clothing that gives bonus head shot damage.

Use Your Leg Edit

Kicks unlocked from the Kick Boxing perk can make it easier to kill crawling zombies, or push standing ones away. At early levels, they may be as powerful as your melee weapon and offer an alternative attack if you are carrying two guns. Be careful when fighting bosses, as they may still be able to hit you while you are kicking them. It is also a luxury skill for killing Parasites for free.

Please take note that:

  • There is a cool-down between kicks.
  • Kicks can knock-back THREE Zombies.
  • Melee bonuses do NOT affect kick stats. Kick and melee are separate stats.
  • Kick stats can appear on footwear, pants, and weapons.

Push, smash, and curb stomp your way to victory!

Exp Farming Edit

Best tactic for gaining experience points as a new player / low level:

Accept all missions in Dallbow Police Station and use to quickly complete the missions for exp and money, then use that money to replace your broken car parts with cheap superior parts and buy some Fuel. Then you can travel to the other 2 outposts to accept their missions and do the easy ones such as "find a pendant" which doesn't require you to kill many enemies. However this can be dangerous at a very low level, so it is recommended to get some more speed and levels if you think it will be too hard for you

Adding to the tip above, it would be a good idea to get yourself either the Outpost Defender or Outpost Guardian EXP Bonus before turning all your missions in. Furthermore, you can now use the Trainer NPC to hand in all missions instead of going back to every single NPC to receive the rewards. However, this will not work for missions including Trade-able items such as Bandages, and missions for "Find Alive or Dead" if the NPC is still alive and you haven't spoken to the mission giver yet.

Also you can complete all of the missions, and wait until you prestige before accepting the rewards. You can do this strategy to go from level 1 to about 6 after prestiging to save plenty of time.

Two of the best tactics to farm Experience Points:

The 1st tactic is to kill all of the level 25-30 bosses after gaining the Outpost Guardian Buff for +40% exp gain, you will easily gain over 100,000 Experience Points, if not 200,000 Exp.

The 2nd tactic is to go to Comers and Sons (A building that randomises location but always spawns in Level 30 Zones) and kill as many infected as possible without looting. It is also best to re-enter the same room several times to kill more infected until there none left after you re-enter the room for about the 4th time.

You can also gain crazy amounts of experience points from special infected during special holiday events such as Halloween and Christmas, people were known to prestige once a day during the Christmas Event.

Rare, Elite Enhancers and Dyes Edit

Enhancers have been added to the game, which are a one time use item that will enhance an item to either become a Rare or Elite item which will keep it's current stats and will have either 3 or 4 stat rolls for Rare, and 5 or 6 rolls for Elite. The numeric value of all stats will also be randomized again.

Enhancers have added value to certain Superior items and high level common weapons, as you can now turn them into potentially very good items. For example, a level 10 Superior Hat with 5% Damage vs Mutated and 3% Headshot damage could be Rare Enhanced into a level 30 item with 35% Damage vs Mutated and 35% Headshot Damage with 1-2 extra random stat rolls such as 15-35% Reloading Speed.

Rare Enhancers can be obtained by gaining 100,000 Experience points after reaching level 30 (Max Level), this was implemented to make looting and killing more enjoyable at max level. So that no exp is wasted :P

Rare Enhancer

Rare Enhancer

The Rare Enhancer will turn a Common or Superior Weapon or Clothing into a Rare item. It will keep it's current stats and re-roll the numbers, and end up with 3 or 4 total stats randomly (not including base stats such as -3% Incoming Damage on Combat Boots). If you use it at level 30, then it will usually roll the level of the item between 20 and 30, often similar to the level of boss loot in level 30 areas.

Elite Enhancers can be obtained by gaining 1,500,000 experience points after reaching level 30, you will also gain a prestige point. This exp counter can be viewed by opening up your inventory screen, and clicking on View All stats.

Elite Enhancer

Elite Enhancer

The Elite Enhancer will turn a Common, Superior or Rare Weapon or Clothing into an Elite item. It will keep it's current stats and re-roll the numbers, and will end up with either 5 or 6 total stats (Not including base stats such as -3% incoming damage on Combat Boots)

Dyes were also added to the game with Rare Enhancers, after reaching 100,000 experience points whilst level 30 (max level) you will be awarded with 1x Rare Enhancer and 1x Random Dye. Dyes are used on clothing to change their color to the color of the dye, it is a one time use per piece of clothing, and cannot be used on special cosmetics. They can be farmed endlessly as long you keep on farming 100,000 experience points. Also certain dyes can't be used on certain clothing items such as the Doctor's gloves.

The obtainable Dyes from reaching 100,000 experience points are: Red Dye, White Dye, Yellow Dye, Grey Dye, Green Dye, Brown Dye, Blue Dye and Black Dye.


All Dyes

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